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Jimmy + Erica: Cleveland Ohio Wedding

I can’t start this post without thanking the ever-so-fabulous Tess from Tess Smith Photography for sending Jimmy & Erica my way.  Tess is Erica’s sister in law and was part of the bridal party so was unable to photograph the day. To say that I’m thankful for the referral doesn’t say enough – Erica and Jimmy are so…

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  • Michelle Chernock - Beautiful wedding – beautiful photos. I love the new blog Kayla! It looks great! Did you customize it yourself?

  • fbp-blog - Thanks Michelle! I did customize it myself – my graphic designer created the banner and the dots along the sides of the main column but I handled the rest of the customization 🙂 … which is probably why it took me 10x longer than I had planned to launch the site!

  • jenny Haas - GORGEOUS WEDDING!!! You did a great job capturing it Kayla! I love your work 🙂

  • Jennifer Nester - I LOVE these pic’s! I want my wedding pic’s to be just like these ones! Looks like everyone had sooo much fun!

  • Karno - first of all, i think you look beautiful. i love the fact that you care about the scoteiy. but you make me feel terrible when you mention about our motherland. you know,China is a huge country, and it takes time to develop a better legislative system. please don’t say anything to attack our own country!