Jill + John: Vermilion Ohio Engagement Session

“Ask me anything you want to,
Cause the answer is yes,
I’ll spend my whole life,
Just being caught up in your eyes.

Dont you know you stop the room,
and all that I can see is you.
I’m standing where the lighning strikes,
I know this doesn’t happen twice.
You must be my once in a lifetime, in a lifetime,
You must be my once in a lifetime.”

– Once In A Lifetime, Landon Austin

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  • Hillary - Every time I follow a link from your Facebook, I’m just taken aback by your ability to pull out your subject’s personality. Great work, as usual!

  • Lane Baldwin - Love that tree shot! You do such great work!

  • Lane Baldwin - OOOK, I’m really creepy for posting twice, but I kinda stalk your blog and I just noticed that the lyrics you used for this post were from Landon Austin. I’ve totally chatted with him and am so excited to see that he’s making music! 🙂